The Motorcycle Trip That Wasn’t

On July 1, 2017 Leah and I took off on our Harley Davidson motorcycle. We’d planned a 6,000 mile trip around the United States. I’m a bit more of the motorcycle enthusiast, so to say it was all I focused on for months prior was an understatement. Our weeks of planning and mapping out routes […]

Travel Mercies

Our seventeen-year-old son flew to France a week ago. He’s gone for three months on a high school exchange program. We hosted his wonderful French partner last fall from August to November. We’re surprisingly at peace with our son’s excursion. It’s partly because it’s obvious that his host family are warm and kind. It’s also […]

Sports in the Family – Rewarding or Consuming?

Last summer’s Olympics were a magnificent spectacle. When I watch these events, I get caught up in the competition and national pride. I admire the participants and I likely break the commandment that has something to do with coveting the fine abs, superior strength, and lightning speed of elite athletes. One of my most rewarding […]

FIT@50 / Week 82: Custom(er) Service

FIT@50 / Week 82: Custom(er) Service While this week’s FIT@50 arrived a day late, it was also the article’s motivation. Max and I flew back home to Dallas late last night, and after a few days away from everyone, I decided the welcome backs were more important than the writing. Values I make no secret that […]