5 Tips For Keeping Our Heads Above Water This Year

It was a perfect occurance that January 1st fell on a Sunday, and to have spent the day in church was the only way to begin a new year. During the service, the pastor shared this picture. It’s painted from Peter’s perspective. As a giant lump formed in my throat, I realized this is where I’ve […]

The “Step” In Stepmother

As I have written before, stepparenting can be a challenging endeavor. Perhaps more so, according to the research, for the stepmom than the stepdad. We are all so familiar (thanks Disney and various fairy tales! ) of the evil stepmom. She is almost an archetype. Such thinking though does little to help evolve those in […] […]

The Impatient Parent

It was that moment that I prayed for peace, not within my household, but within me. It was my attitude that needed to change.