Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage

Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage: Remember when you’d walk across glass to get a glimpse of your sweetie? What happened? Okay, don’t ever forget what it was that drew you together. Now, do that more often. Here are just a few of the benefits of being in Love #1. Physical Changes – Love has physiological […]

Is Your Money Married, Or Still Dating?: Blue Marriage

Face It: Big money = big problems, no money = no problems. Okay, anyone who believes that, just stop reading right here. Money is by far one of the most fought over issues in relationships. Next, blend two individuals from independent socio-economic backgrounds, and you’ve got an epic blowout just waiting to occur. Second marriages […]

Double-Minded, Single Focused

“This is where you begin to believe the lies you are living. You can tattoo up, goatee down, ball cap spun around, and the Grunt-style t-shirts get rubber-banded around your new-found, pumped up pythons, but your soul knows the difference.”