Mother’s Day Wake-up Call

Yes, still bring your wife or mother breakfast in bed, but more importantly, share the following truths with her. Recall how good it feels to come home after a hard day’s work? Or after a vacation? Even after an extended time away out of the country? Or what about the relief of making it home […]

Honoring Your Parents – The Greatest Adventure in Freedom

This article is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law who passed away from pancreatic cancer, my dad who died from brain cancer, and my stepdad who passed from heart issues (at the healthy age of 90). It is also written to honour the courage of my father-in-law as he has heart bypass surgery, and […]

Be Dad, Not Dude

Balance Balancing this thing called fatherhood is tough. Rearing your biological kids is challenging, but then toss in a few more little ones in a blended family scenario, and you’ve got the potential for a real special situation. Whether that is a negative or positive scenario is very much up to you. Where do we […]

Homeschooling Is Where The Heart Is

BEST LOVED DAYS As kids go back to school this month, I’ve been reflecting on the days and years that I homeschooled my children. I loved those days and loved teaching my kids. I could hug them whenever I wanted and was here if they needed me. People often asked me why we home-schooled. Our […]

The “Step” In Stepmother

As I have written before, stepparenting can be a challenging endeavor. Perhaps more so, according to the research, for the stepmom than the stepdad. We are all so familiar (thanks Disney and various fairy tales! ) of the evil stepmom. She is almost an archetype. Such thinking though does little to help evolve those in […] […]