Not Your Average Angry Birds

Most don’t like to think of anger when thinking of the characteristics of God. Loving, gracious, kind, sacrificial, and benevolent traits are preferable.

Family: They Stole My Right To Grieve

The Loss For some odd reason the moment the calendar flipped to August 1st, I began to think about, okay, almost obsess that in another month, it will be one year since my dad had passed away. During this entire season of loss, not once had I cried, felt the crush of his absence or […]

Travel Mercies

Our seventeen-year-old son flew to France a week ago. He’s gone for three months on a high school exchange program. We hosted his wonderful French partner last fall from August to November. We’re surprisingly at peace with our son’s excursion. It’s partly because it’s obvious that his host family are warm and kind. It’s also […]


A few weeks ago, our pastor preached about getting through the storms in life. “How firm is your foundation?” he asked. He demonstrated his point by showing a short animated film of a silhouetted stick person who’d built his house on the sand, and another who’d built his house on the rock. And, well, you […]