Child Sacrifice…Confronting the Epidemic

There’s a new type of child sacrifice that’s overwhelming the west. Of course it’s not the real, physical killing of infants and children that occurred in ancient times, however it’s not even the victimization of children through the rampant divorce rates of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Read through to part III to discover the […]

What Do We Need? Space. When Do We Need It? Now

I’m sorry, did you think I was talking about NASA or space exploration? No, but I wouldn’t pass up a ticket to Jupiter right about now. We’re in the throws of summer vacation, and let’s just say, things are getting tight. As a blended family, we coordinate custody so all of our kids are with […]

Raising the Hell Out of Kids

  For I was born a sinner— yes, from the moment my mother conceived me. Psalm 51:5 (NLT) Did you ever ask yourself why you want kids? I know, you’re probably thinking ‘No, but I’m asking myself right now – Why did I think I wanted kids?’ Yeah, people who have children have asked themselves that […]

Don’t Be Disney Dad This Christmas: Be Present

My son was only 4 when he and his mother moved out-of-state following the divorce. Though we’d eventually share an every other weekend custody rotation, the first visit came after about a month of not seeing him. It was going to be bigger than big. That weekend was going to be epic fun. An older friend, who […]

5 Leadership Skills I Learned as Chief of Police, and Use as Dad

I accepted my first law enforcement command assignment in 1992. I was still very new in my career but, I was promoted as the commander over a multi-jurisdictional drug and violent crimes task force. From then, until my retirement as chief of police in August 2015, I’d held leadership positions at a large nationally accredited agency. […]

10 Tips For Doing Right By Them And You

Best Advice Years ago when Max was born, I was initially overwhelmed with his diagnosis of Down syndrome. In speaking with a trusted friend, I made a comment about seeking out every resource to give my baby the help he’d require. I said something like, “I’ll do right by Max.” My friend countered without hesitation, […]

3 Things To Know Before Special Needs Parents Date

So Many Questions When a single parent decides to date, it can be a harrowing experience. Questions such as; Am I over my feelings for my ex-spouse, Am I physically ready to begin mingling, Am I psychologically ready to engage in the minutia of meet and greets, Am I spiritually ready to date only believers […]