FIT@50: Forgot the Powder

The key is, time is precious. Yours, mine, ours. We can either waste it swatting at gnats, or enjoy it focusing on what truly matters in life. Of course, what matters is how you define it.

God’s Law of Transference – The Danger of Trusting Others

God’s Law of Transference – The Danger of Trusting Others Watch the most recent episodes in the Marriage On The Rock series “Making Divorce a Dirty Word.” God’s Law of Transference: Marriage Matters The Danger of Trusting Others Above If we don’t trust Jesus, we will automatically transfer the expectation of those needs to those […]

Double-Minded, Single Focused

“This is where you begin to believe the lies you are living. You can tattoo up, goatee down, ball cap spun around, and the Grunt-style t-shirts get rubber-banded around your new-found, pumped up pythons, but your soul knows the difference.”