Policing & Personal Pain: Freedom for Healing from Your Past

I wrote this piece for Law Enforcement Today. I once contributed to this great resource from a chief of police perspective on policy and leadership, but now focus on well being, spiritual health and family because that’s where God has led me to serve. READ ARTICLE Healing from your past is about gaining freedom from […]

Relief Turned To Sadness

My mom will say that as her senior year of high school came to an end, while her friends planned colleges and careers, her only plan post-high school was to…

Not Your Average Angry Birds

Most don’t like to think of anger when thinking of the characteristics of God. Loving, gracious, kind, sacrificial, and benevolent traits are preferable.

God Takes You To Unexpected Places

Where has God led you lately? Did you know you were being led? Did you follow or resist? God will take you to some pretty unexpected places if you allow Him. Recently, He took me to a place I didn’t want to go – Forgiveness. Scott

Family: They Stole My Right To Grieve

The Loss For some odd reason the moment the calendar flipped to August 1st, I began to think about, okay, almost obsess that in another month, it will be one year since my dad had passed away. During this entire season of loss, not once had I cried, felt the crush of his absence or […]

Fathers and Sons: Oil and Water – Part 1 of 2

The Dilemma Why can’t we get it right? It’s all so seemingly simple. Man and woman copulate, and their child is born. Oh look, it’s a boy, and he looks like daddy. Proud dad smiles, softly strokes his calloused palm over the light blue beanie cap the nurse tugged over junior’s funnel-shaped head, and he […]

Men, Stop Cheating

Men are trapped in the culture of silence. We liken it to a medal of honor, when in fact it’s a rotting albatross strapped around our neck.