Lysa TerKeurst: The Female Response To Divorce

Shocked How many of you were as shocked as I was by Lysa TerKeurst’s blog post last week? I can raise my hand high in response. I was more than shocked. But not because Lysa announced she was divorcing her husband of almost twenty-five years because of repeated infidelity and substance abuse. But because her […]

Lysa Terkeurst: The Male Response To Divorce

The News My wife shared an article about divorce with me written by Lysa Terkeurst, the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministry. We’re both big fans and followers of her site and social media platforms which reach about 40 million people. It empowers women and family, and is a wonderful resource for all. I’d say that […]

Men, Stop Cheating

Men are trapped in the culture of silence. We liken it to a medal of honor, when in fact it’s a rotting albatross strapped around our neck.

Video Discussion: 6 Questions About Sex

Scott & Leah are following up on her article this week titled, 6 Questions About Sex. Leah takes a biblical approach to a hot that often remains taboo even among married couples. You’ll be surprised to learn just how open the bible discusses sex between a couple. We appreciate your overwhelming responses to Leah’s article and […]