Survival Workshop: DIVORCE

Survival Workshop:DIVORCE

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Divorce doesn’t have to devastate you. Faithful’s Survival Workshop series is the perfect resource toget you back on solid ground.Straight from their upcoming book, Life After Divorce: The Survival Guide to Remarriage and Blending Families God’s Way, Scott & Leah share lessons, tips and reassurances that life does indeed go on.

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No Worries – No Workouts

  • The Survival Workshops are hosted in a private, online environment

  • Limited number of space ensures close attention

  • Course material includes worksheets and references

  • Self-paced video sessions available 24/7

  • Christ-based community support

Our next course will be posted once dates are finalized. We’ll email you with the dates to ensure your spot in our nextSurvival Workshop:DIVORCE

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