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Congratulations on making the commitment to enter into God’s covenant. This time you will do it right by centering your marriage around Christ. We’re thankful you and your beloved are here. We’ve got great stuff to help you prepare to celebrate the joy of new love and second chances.

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Life After Divorce:

A Survival Guide to Remarriage and Blending Families God’s Way

Think marriage is hard?

Try a second marriage. Now add children from different families, opposing careers, two households, finances, exes, and child support. Did we forget to mention, in-laws?

Surviving divorce, reclaiming your worth, and rebuilding life with another person is as challenging as it is a wonderful opportunity to see God’s will at work. Statistics show that close to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and forty percent of married couples with children in the United States are blended families.

Those are staggering statistics, but it’s a reality. And it’s a reality the church is not often equipped to deal with. Is divorce and remarriage God’s plan for family? Of course not. There have been many families in the bible that didn’t meet God’s plan (Abraham, Jacob, and David to name a few), but He extended grace and blessed them because they sought His heart. And better yet, God used these “less than ideal” families to build His kingdom.

This book, curriculum, and series from Faithful Marriage Blended Family™ is about blending lives, kids, careers, finances, and expectations for the previously-married. Our model of putting Christ first, then marriage, and then children is the cornerstone of a successful blended family.

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