Leah and I are glad you’ve decided to visit Faithful.Live. God placed a burden for others on our hearts right after we were married. Working to blend two very different lives, we didn’t mention the calling to each other for some time because we both were thinking God had maybe meant the message for some other couple who’d been married longer than a week.

Guess what? He was talking to us.

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God’s Desire

He’d placed the desire in our hearts and we prayed to understand exactly what His will was for our area of service. God had blessed us with a renewed chance at love and marriage. He made it very clear that it would only succeed if we followed Him.

Faithful.Live is us following God. He wants you to know that despite the statistics slanted against first marriages (50% Divorce), second marriages (63% Divorced) and third marriages (74% Divorced) that you can beat the odds. There is hope and forgiveness. There is also renewing of life, love and faith to be found as only God may grant it.

You Too?

We’ve both suffered through divorce, only to find ourselves as single parents. Through our individual trials we stumbled and made the same mistakes most people make along the way.

While we were both believers, there was nothing to show or comfort us about the feelings of failure, or the guilt as a single parent with little explanation for our own kids. We did what most people do – the best you could.

Better Way?

Was there a better way? Sure there was, but there was nowhere to turn to discover that we weren’t alone or aliens walking around a world of happily married people. We were suffering just like so many others.

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Second Chances?

Do divorced people, whether your fault or not, deserve a second chance at life, love and family? Yes, and the reason is simple. God is a God of second chances. He also has wonderful plans for your life. All you have to do is allow Him into your life.


The blending of your worship, lives, kids, families, finances, homes, careers, hopes and dreams are possible. It won’t happen by chance. It takes work and God’s will. Connect with us and our amazing team of Faithful Believers for inspirational and educational articles.


Thank you and God Bless You,

Scott & Leah

Fun Along The Way

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