7 Churches In Revelation | 7 Messages In Marriage

The first page in the book of Revelation is usually where most truth-seekers seem to stop. We’ve all heard the stories about end times, but the idea shutters our desire to understand it. Most people refuse to accept the reality that our existence as we know it, will cease to exist. Carry The Marriage Banner […]

Blended Bliss and The Simple Life

I have witnessed students in my teaching career who were fully rebelling at new family situations. My personal blended family experience, however, is very positive. What are the differences and factors in these circumstances? My father and mother divorced when I was 16. My mother had sufficient biblical grounds as my father had committed adultery (Matt. […]

Toilet Etiquette and Home & Male Improvements

Should males put the toilet seat back down after usage? For being considerate and more sanitary, one would argue yes; for perpetuating inequality one would say no (unbelievably, that was a crazed, blogged argument—forcing men to put the seat down perpetuates gender inequality?!?! …holy cow we’ve become an illogical society!). Remarkably, it required a spiritual […]

Growing Up Godless

What’s In There? I, like many others in south Louisiana, grew up in a Catholic household. That’s where God’s influence began and ended. It wasn’t about a particular religion, as it was about having never stepped foot in church. As I got a bit older I noticed there was a Catholic church not far from […]

Fathers and Sons: Oil and Water – Part 1 of 2

The Dilemma Why can’t we get it right? It’s all so seemingly simple. Man and woman copulate, and their child is born. Oh look, it’s a boy, and he looks like daddy. Proud dad smiles, softly strokes his calloused palm over the light blue beanie cap the nurse tugged over junior’s funnel-shaped head, and he […]

Video Discussion: 6 Questions About Sex

Scott & Leah are following up on her article this week titled, 6 Questions About Sex. Leah takes a biblical approach to a hot that often remains taboo even among married couples. You’ll be surprised to learn just how open the bible discusses sex between a couple. We appreciate your overwhelming responses to Leah’s article and […]

6 Questions About SEX

Physical intimacy in marriage is often a hot topic (no pun intended). Men and women are vastly different when it comes to personalities, needs, wants, and pretty much everything else in life. You remember that book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? Why wouldn’t those differences apply when it comes to sex. Understanding your […]