Rak Chazak Amats: God’s War Cry

Let’s make no mistake, we are at war. Christ believers are persecuted globally and America’s Christian nation is under attack by a liberal, secular ideology that refuses to stop advancing.

Try To Imagine It Without Him

I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace, but in His perfect love you and me are called to be His army of Christian soldiers. I’ll see you in the trenches, Brothers.

Spiritual A, B, C: Rules For Men

Men, we’re naturally resistant to limitations. We like to explore, push and look beyond. While these can be great characteristics, they cannot be what solely drives our life. Everyone needs structure.

31 Days of Prayer for Men

Scott & Leah’s first prayer journal in their 31 Days of Prayer Series hit the charts as Amazon’s #1 New Release. Dr. Scott Silverii’s heart for men’s ministry l

You're Not My Real Dad

“You’re not my real dad.”Okay, maybe those weren’t the actual words a 12-year-old Jesus spoke after he’d left Mary and Joseph for three days without…