FIT@50: An Odd Space For A Kettlebell

  FIT@50 This was fun. Going to the gym and not really sure where to move to get out of everyone’s way. So there’s this guy, big guy, and he’s pushing the earth off his chest on the bench press. There’s like two feet of space between him and the other guy grunting like he’s […]

Avoid Managing Pain Like David, Solomon & Absalom

Avoid Managing Pain Like David, Solomon & Absalom This is my latest article for Law Enforcement Today I’ve been so blessed that they have featured these articles in a Faith & Family section. This article really applies to everyone dealing with pain from an unresolved past. Which are you most like? David Solomon Absalom CLICK […]

Double-Minded, Single Focused

“This is where you begin to believe the lies you are living. You can tattoo up, goatee down, ball cap spun around, and the Grunt-style t-shirts get rubber-banded around your new-found, pumped up pythons, but your soul knows the difference.”

Sacrifice Much?

Our ability to contribute to life is dependent upon our ability to suffer and sacrifice. He whose sacrifice is the greatest, contributes the most. Recently I…

Policing & Personal Pain: Freedom for Healing from Your Past

I wrote this piece for Law Enforcement Today. I once contributed to this great resource from a chief of police perspective on policy and leadership, but now focus on well being, spiritual health and family because that’s where God has led me to serve. READ ARTICLE Healing from your past is about gaining freedom from […]

Hypocrites Anonymous

Mission Statement: HA is for recovering hypocrites to remain mindful of their innate hypocrisy and to promote genuineness in public discussion/social media..