7 Truths of a Real Blended Family

It’s summer! And we have a houseful. To be honest, summer is probably our favorite time of year. We love having all the kids under one roof for an extended period of time. And it’s always kind of a bummer when school starts back up, and along with it, the routine of early mornings, after […]

What Do We Need? Space. When Do We Need It? Now

I’m sorry, did you think I was talking about NASA or space exploration? No, but I wouldn’t pass up a ticket to Jupiter right about now. We’re in the throws of summer vacation, and let’s just say, things are getting tight. As a blended family, we coordinate custody so all of our kids are with […]

Mother’s Day Wake-up Call

Yes, still bring your wife or mother breakfast in bed, but more importantly, share the following truths with her. Recall how good it feels to come home after a hard day’s work? Or after a vacation? Even after an extended time away out of the country? Or what about the relief of making it home […]

Pick Up The Baton

Is it ever too late to pick up the baton and finish the race? Men seem to drop the baton more often when it comes to relationships with their children than women do. It might have something to do with the impossibility of two alpha males occupying the same space. The reality of it is […]

Back To Egypt: Modern Day ReMarriage & Children

Single-parenthood is tough. It goes against the very foundation of God’s desire for family, and assuming the parent’s single status is a result of divorce, it also flies in the face of God’s creation of marriage. Thankfully, God is a God of forgiveness and second chances. He created man and woman to be together. Looking […]

Christmas Time in the Family

My wife has always loved Christmas. So when I proposed her hand in marriage at Valentine’s in 1993, we became husband and wife that Christmas on December 18th. She hand-made our invitations, designed bridesmaid dresses, and crafted many of the decorations for the church, some of which we still decorate our house with each Christmas. […]

Honoring Your Parents – The Greatest Adventure in Freedom

This article is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law who passed away from pancreatic cancer, my dad who died from brain cancer, and my stepdad who passed from heart issues (at the healthy age of 90). It is also written to honour the courage of my father-in-law as he has heart bypass surgery, and […]

Sports in the Family – Rewarding or Consuming?

Last summer’s Olympics were a magnificent spectacle. When I watch these events, I get caught up in the competition and national pride. I admire the participants and I likely break the commandment that has something to do with coveting the fine abs, superior strength, and lightning speed of elite athletes. One of my most rewarding […]