Child Sacrifice…Confronting the Epidemic

There’s a new type of child sacrifice that’s overwhelming the west. Of course it’s not the real, physical killing of infants and children that occurred in ancient times, however it’s not even the victimization of children through the rampant divorce rates of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Read through to part III to discover the […]

A Guys Weekend Was That And Much More. But What?

Blended families require work. Lots of work. Sometimes I wonder if the time, communication and arrangements for 5 kids is greater than what it took for 100 employees while I was chief of police. I’ve witnessed police negotiators talk a criminal into surrender quicker than it took to discuss my first weekend outing with the boys. […]

5 Tips: Teaching Kids To Do Right

  Years ago, I sat in a meeting with a new mayor while interviewing to become the police chief. The interview went great and I knew the position was mine. Because of the highly political nature of the position, I wanted to make clear that leading the police department was my priority, and not playing […]

Raising the Hell Out of Kids

  For I was born a sinner— yes, from the moment my mother conceived me. Psalm 51:5 (NLT) Did you ever ask yourself why you want kids? I know, you’re probably thinking ‘No, but I’m asking myself right now – Why did I think I wanted kids?’ Yeah, people who have children have asked themselves that […]

Travel Mercies

Our seventeen-year-old son flew to France a week ago. He’s gone for three months on a high school exchange program. We hosted his wonderful French partner last fall from August to November. We’re surprisingly at peace with our son’s excursion. It’s partly because it’s obvious that his host family are warm and kind. It’s also […]