FIT@50: Forgot the Powder

The key is, time is precious. Yours, mine, ours. We can either waste it swatting at gnats, or enjoy it focusing on what truly matters in life. Of course, what matters is how you define it.

Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage

Dating Your Spouse: Blue Marriage: Remember when you’d walk across glass to get a glimpse of your sweetie? What happened? Okay, don’t ever forget what it was that drew you together. Now, do that more often. Here are just a few of the benefits of being in Love #1. Physical Changes – Love has physiological […]

Is Your Money Married, Or Still Dating?: Blue Marriage

Face It: Big money = big problems, no money = no problems. Okay, anyone who believes that, just stop reading right here. Money is by far one of the most fought over issues in relationships. Next, blend two individuals from independent socio-economic backgrounds, and you’ve got an epic blowout just waiting to occur. Second marriages […]