7 Truths of a Real Blended Family

Blue Marriage


It’s summer!

And we have a houseful.

To be honest, summer is probably our favorite time of year. We love having all the kids under one roof for an extended period of time. And it’s always kind of a bummer when school starts back up, and along with it, the routine of early mornings, after school band practice, ballet, karate, gymnastics, and wherever else Scott and I find ourselves driving to. But summer means long, lazy days filled with family time, pool time, and fun outings.


(We took the kids to play TopGolf and had a blast!)

I have to admit we’re very blessed in the blended family department. We’ve had a few rough patches over the years, but for the most part, our lives and all the kids have melded seamlessly. But…there have been rough patches.

We’re talking seven kids, five of which are under eighteen and still live…

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Christ follower, husband, dad, author and retired chief of police discovering the amazing side of a servant's life.

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