Marriage Matters Is Growing Again: Patreon Joins Platform

New Platform

We love to share the good word of a God-centered marriage. Patreon has emerged as a fantastic platform for sharing that word.

It allows for not only hosting our video content from the Marriage Matters.TV shows, but also makes converting them as podcasts as simple as hitting the upload button.

We think you’ll enjoy Patreon’s clean platform and the fact that it takes you out of the clutter of most social media streams; if just for a moment!

Stop by and check out the newest expansion for spreading the gospel of marriage and family. PLEASE make sure to click the FOLLOW tab for updates.

Lessons Learned

Our latest lesson learned is that this faith-based ministry incurs costs for bringing marriage and family resources to everyone. From software to soft-tipped microphones, it’s been a process of growth.

We’ve been led to trust our expenses will be covered by love offerings. While the majority of content at Patreon remains free for you, we also make it available to become a partner through monthly giving or one time gifts.

Chance To Bless

Admittedly, neither Leah nor I are good at receiving. We’d prefer to continue covering the costs out of pocket, but God has really been working on our hearts to show that while it’s wonderful to give as we love to do, it is also His desire that we learn to recieve.

Through this new platform at Patreon, and also at our Marriage Matters website, there are ways to bless our ministry in whatever makes you most comfortable. We do thank you and promise that every penny goes toward the strengthening of marriages and families.

Marriages Do Matter,

Scott & Leah

About Dr. Scott Silverii

Christ follower, husband, dad, author and retired chief of police discovering the amazing side of a servant's life.

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