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In this episode of Marriage Matters.TV, Scott-Leah Silverii talk about “The Most Important Thing In Marriage”- and the role of Jesus Christ in saving their marriage and family.

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hi I’m Scott Silverii and this is my wife Leah and we’re with marriage matters and we appreciate you joining us for today’s episode first one very cool so before we get started we want to take care of a little housecleaning yes housekeeping I guess the big thing is is we’re gonna post each day session on our

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and we will definitely we will pray over

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we’ll reach out but up but our our

prayer has always been that you know God

God saved our marriage and we told them

we said you know if you save it we’re

gonna we’re gonna pay it forward and I

and this is part of that so so we would

we’d like to start start with prayer and

leadership mind you mind leading today’s

prayer you betcha

very cool Heavenly Father I just thank

you so much for this day and I just ask

that you bless every marriage out there

and and just especially especially

marriages that are hurting and in need

of healing I just pray that you bless

them and and that the Holy Spirit just

just washes those marriages and that

couples can be whole and families can be

whole and children can have both their

parents we just pray that that blessing

over every marriage and just pray for us

today and that we have a good message

and facilitating and that we just ask

that anyone in need of healing in their

marriage that they reach out that this

touches them in some way and we just ask

all these things in your name father

Jesus name Amen amen

yeah that uh that is so valuable and and

I know that’ll be a conversation for a

topic for another day but about praying

together and the value and the power of

praying together and and also the

challenges of praying together but uh

but we can we can attest that prayer has

changed the the tone of our marriage

really so uh so yeah great way to start

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okay so part of this episode is we also

want to we want to challenge you and

like everybody likes a good challenge

unless they don’t but these are the Welo

a good challenge but but these are these

are three challenges that each episode

we really want you to keep these things

in mind because it’s going to be

important right you know and other than

but we love and we think that your best

benefit from active participation right

right so these are three challenges that

we’re going to want to present to you

right the first is to be committed if

you and your spouse are committed to God

first and then to each other your

marriage can survive anything and become

the marriage of your dreams very cool

the next thing is to be bold some of the

discussions may challenge you to talk

about important issues it’s normal to

feel some resistance especially when

you’ve been hurt or disappointed however

it’s important to let your spouse know

what’s really going on in your heart and

in your mind great you and the third

thing is we want you to be focused some

discussions may present an opportunity

to be critical of your spouse there will

be times when you can lovingly say how

you feel about important issues but the

key to achieving intimacy is a

willingness to focus on what you can do

yourself yeah that’s a good thing and

listen guys the bottom line you know the

most perfect marriage is made up of two

imperfect people who were willing to

roll up their sleeves and get down in

the dirt and dig as deep as it requires

and lift as heavy as it can and just

refused to give up right it is so easy

to say I quit right it is over 50

percent of the time you say people say I


guys listen don’t don’t we don’t buy

into too much of what like these like

the pro marriage sites I mean they’re

great I mean they’re great but you see

you see the pretty side right right yeah

listen they got pretty because they were

because they got dirty and they got ugly

right and they refused to give up listen

we’re no different right we were no

different and I you know we we we

you know we’re at the bottom and we had

a dig and fight and claw like animals to

get back to get to where we are and it’s

worth it it is an internal investor

investment that there’s no regrets

behind right so that guys to us is one

of the most important things that we

could convey to you is listen it ain’t

easy and it ain’t pretty but it is

amazing and it is worth it yeah I mean

that’s exactly that’s what our prayer is

for every marriage you know is that the

mayor just stay together they stay hold

the family stay whole that’s huge

you’re right I mean you know the kids

there’s so many there’s so many factors

that are in there so what we want to

talk about is what wasn’t dirty and and

tough or what was working on these these

two books together and this is a great

time to start these prayer challenges

it’s 31 days of Prayer we’re just

starting out 2018 anytime is a good time

to start but why not start out the year

with with 31 days of Prayer and there’s

31 days of Prayer for men 31 days of

Prayer for women and and you know you

and I each each wrote the respective

ones and we prayed over err I mean we

prayed every prayer in here over the

people who are reading and you know not

only is there a prayer in there but

there’s a Bible verse to go with the

prayers and there’s and then there’s

some challenging questions to nee with

each journal pages so you know we we

want you not only to pray and have you

know prayers is the start of your

relationship with God and so we not only

want you to have an active daily prayer

line you know we want you to really

think about what you’re praying and and

how it’s gonna change you you know and

think about the questions in there and

and there’s some hard questions oh yeah

definitely I mean it is it is active

application it’s not just reading a

prayer something someone else wrote I

mean it is it is specific to men it is

specific to women it is prayed about

some of the prayers I know we’re

prophetic prayers and then when you when

you get into the the the workbook

section of it it’s meant for you

begins very personal and very specific

to you and that was the purpose so we do

we we’re gonna have the links in the

comments and also on our website which

is marriage matters not me I love that

marriage matters that me and so so you

know that it does brings us back it

brings us to prayer being bringing one

of the most important communication

tools in your marriage but we want to

talk today about the most important

issue in marriage and that is is your

personal relationship with God and Lissa

don’t don’t don’t be fooled you know

that is the key factor in in determining

whether or not you’re going to be

successful in your marriage listen I

guarantee you take God out of the

equation you’re gonna be the 50

percentile or first-time marriage and

divorce you keep him out in your second

marriage will be in the sixty-three

percentile of failed marriages and by

your third time and if you’re still

refusing to make put God in the center

you can count on being in that 74th

percentile of divorce and we don’t say

it wait and jest it’s really sad and

we’ve been there and so you know it is

and listen it is your personal

relationship with yours so you know we

do we get we get a lot of emails we get

a lot with a lot of communication and

everybody’s like I want you to fix my

spouse so what you different fix my my

husband or wife pray form well it’s like

how about we pray for you like what is

your personal relationship with God you

know that is the key I mean it is and

listen you know and Leah will attest to

it that a praying woman can change her

husband you’re the power of prayer not

through nagging and and and criticizing

and through the power of prayer so your

personal relationship is the most

important part of a successful marriage

so one of the other things we were

talking about is is is the most what is

the most common factor in the failure of

marriages its unmet expectations yeah

you know and we’re

you talk about people we know and I mean

I’ve heard it all the time you hear it

all the time people say things like I’m

not happy which is a completely selfish

right statement but you know and I’m

sure you guys have heard that people

friends whatever saying I’m not happy

and or are things like you know my

spouse isn’t meeting my needs

alright so although right right and and

what they’re really saying is you’re not

being Jesus to me right because that’s

what they’re looking for knowing that

they’re seeking that out and they’re

looking for it in their spouse and

you’re never gonna find it right ever

never know and it is I mean it is you

know leus we talked about it before

where you know you meet somebody and

yeah you’re gonna you’re gonna lie

you’re gonna put on your your best

facade your best face forward and and

you’re gonna say all the right things

and and it’s easy to get swept up you

know it’s easy to guess what this fairy

tale romance and and bam you know after

the big wedding you wake up the next day

and then you’re married right and it’s

it goes downhill from there right and

all of a sudden you’re married to

someone who’s not as perfect as you

thought they were no I mean everybody’s

perfect and it talks right or a poufy

wedding dress but the next morning you

wake up and you’re in boxers and right

I’m shaven and that’s where that’s where

somebody who doesn’t take out the trash

sure who doesn’t romance you or or he

takes you for granted or right or who

nags at you or you know it’s like all of

these little things that were you didn’t

know beforehand right come to the

surface and and then all of a sudden

you’re not happy right yeah the reason

you’re not happy is again it goes back

to your personal relationship with God

you know listen I love Leah Leah is

amazing she is everything that I could

have ever prayed for in a wife but you

know what she’s not Jesus she will never

ever ever be Jesus she can be

christ-like but she is never going to be

Jesus right and that’s the reality and

if I expect her to be man how unfair is

that you know and disappointed

you’re gonna be major disappointed I

mean you know it is it is an unrealistic

expectation that you’re putting on

another human being and all you’re doing

is setting yourself up for failure

why because of unmet expectations why

because you insist on seeking God

everywhere but God right so you’re

looking to your spouse to be Christ and

listen they’re not there never will be

they can’t be right and what does God

say well and that’s listen that’s what

you do it you know we we see a lot of

people on you know like social media and

they’ll say I live for my kids my kid is

the only reason that I survive that I

live you know that’s almost enough front

to God because you are in a you know

what we talked about I you know they’re

no other gods or idols and when you

start putting marriage above God and you

put your kids above God you put your

spouse on this pedestal that they’re

never going to you know they’re never

gonna to reach those standards you know

I mean they are a human person which

means that they’re a sinner right you

know they’re not perfect well you know

and and they deserve the same grace and

mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ as

you do right you know and you know the

other thing you do and as you were

saying it got put on my heart it’s when

you put your spouse on that pedestal in

a christ-like position you make it

impossible for your spouse to make

himself or herself vulnerable and listen

and if they and if they sin and they

they have to ask for forgiveness they’re

not there they’re no longer in a

position of humanity where you know

you’ve made them cry slight you made

them godlike so if they sin if they fail

they cannot go to you and say and show

those imperfections yes yeah but because

number one it’s hard to do number two

you’ve given them a false sense of deity

that either they don’t want to break or

that or they can’t or they can’t they

don’t want to let you down right you

know so I’m glad you said that because

it is a

really a very cool point so what we’re

talking about is you know the point

about looking for for God and other

people you know and you do you see it

and you know the first marriage is

secondary and it is you look for God in

somebody you don’t find it you’re

disappointed you fall out of love and

you divorce and it back you’re really

very and then and we call that the

marriage go-round

and you know it’s like when does it stop

well it stops you know when you stop

looking for God and inhuman people so

the example I would like to like we want

to share is it’s a beautiful story and

it’s from John 4 and it runs from 7 to

26 and it’s the story of the woman at

the well and and you know what younger

and and maybe less mature and a

Christian walk and and you hear the

story you read the story you’re like oh

my gosh she had five husbands and she’s

living with a guy you know that’s not

the point of the story the point of the

story is is to show obviously Christ

God’s compassion and the fact that this

woman had been seeking God and five

husbands and working on her six and I’d

like to read to you again the the whole

story the whole encounter is John 4:7

through 26 but I want to read this part

to you it says the woman said to him Sir

give me this water so that I won’t get

thirsty and have to keep coming here to

draw water he told her go call your

husband and come back I have no husband

she replied jesus said to her you’re

right when you say you have no husband

the fact is you’ve had five husbands and

the man you now have is not your husband

what you have just said is quite true

you know what an encounter Lee and I

enjoy you know sometimes Jesus is a

rascal I’m just gonna say it you know

and you don’t he’s got a great sense of

humor and and and you know he knew she’d

been divorced five times he knew the guy

she was living with wasn’t her husband

and what does he say hey go get your

husband and bring him back right you

know and and and he wasn’t making fun of

her right you know I kinda always kind

of see it as like you know a lot of

times humor is the best way to to break

it a little bit I don’t say sarcasm you

know but a little ribby kind of breaks

the ice and listen you’re talking about

here’s Jesus and he’s talking to a

Samaritan and they were you know they’re

like the Saints and the Cowboys I mean

they’re not they’re not friends on

Sunday you know and this is the kind of

it’s environment that they that Christ

stepped into when he when he encountered

her and you know and it was it’s not

that she’s a bad person and it’s just

that she was looking for something so we

when we go down in the 25th verse she

says she um she says you know he asked

do you know you’re talking to and or do

you know the truth and the spirit she

says I know the Messiah called Christ is

coming she says when he comes he will

explain everything to us and then Jesus

declared I the one speaking to you I am

he and I thought that was so cool

because he couldn’t you know he’s like

you’re talking to him you know kind of

kind of whack what you talking to him

but but in that she she’s aware of the

Messiah she’s aware that the Christ is

coming so she’s watching she’s seeking

she’s looking for God she’s looking for

Christ but where’s she looking in

husband one husband – husband three

husband four husband five and working on

six and listen she would have had a

hundred husbands she would have never

found the Messiah Christ in any of those

men and and Jesus gives her the answer

you know back in verse 13 he says

everyone who drinks this water will be

thirsty again but whoever drinks the

water I give them will never thirst you

know and you know it’s that’s eternal

life you know it drink from from his

water right and she’ll have eternal life

and you know and we’ve talked about it

before where there’s never any

coincidences right they are out of well

they’re talking about water and and you

know initially she doesn’t realize she’s

talking about thirst she’s talking about

human thirst you know he’s talking about


Oh Thurston she’s talking about

quenching her thirst

you know I’m thirsty it’s hot I want

some of your water he’s talking about

like you said the living water the

eternal life giving living water so it’s

not it’s not a coincidence that he

encountered this woman at a source of

water and that he is that the source of

living water yeah and I mean it’s

incredible you know that one

conversation you know what he told her

to do was to go back to her community

right and tell them you know what what

she heard what he said and and look what

she did you know she changed the hearts

of an entire community you know and

brought him to God no that’s powerful

let you know when we talk about you know

when you know Jesus can use you listen

we get caught up where we’re like well

you know you know we both been divorced

and we’re blending a family and we’ve

got our own problems and and you know

we’re not perfect and dadadadadadada and

this is the story this is what another

point in the story that makes it so


that’s what Jesus did he’s like here’s a

woman married five even by today’s

standards right five marriages and

working on her sixth is not the most

highly esteemed person in the village

she’s an outcast you know but but what

did what did he do he used her he used

her I mean it is and I’m always glad

when you make that point because I think

it is it is so important for to

understand that you’re right she was an

outcast but not to God right not to

Christ and and he encouraged her you go

back and you let him know what you’ve


hey but I do I think it’s such a

beautiful story so you know when you

look at it in the context of that you

know some of the some of the points but

like we said you know what I love is

that you know Jesus knew she wasn’t

married and he gave her the opportunity

to tell the truth and she did you know I

mean yeah I’m not married

the gun with and but he didn’t condemn

her he witnessed to her he showed

compassion and you know and that’s an

example with you know what we talked

about it if you place your spouse up in

a in a position of ass of a demigod in

this deity position you make it

impossible for them to to step down or

to break that that facade to confess and

admit you know when they do wrong beg

for for forgiveness and and you know

Jesus’s example had he condemned her you

know and just called her names and and

you know and all you this and that

listen I mean what type of witness shoot

would she have been right but he didn’t


he encouraged her he said what you said

was the truth and then he shared who he

was with her looks like it mirrors our

own personal relationship with Christ

you know I mean that’s what he he has

missed confessed you know come to him

and and confess and repent with a you

know a repentant heart and you know

Jesus showed her compassion but you know

he has such grace and mercy

you know everything just the time on the

cross I mean none of us deserve that

what he did for us on the cross and you

know you know your sin is no greater

than my sin and vice versa you know send

us in and that he treated all of us you

know you know he’s washed us all clean

by by you know by the blood and and with

grace and mercy and you know I mean he

showed showed that to her to that to the

moment at them well and that’s the

example in our own marriage in our in

our own relationships that that’s that’s

the way we have to treat our spouses I

mean you know if he’s gonna treat a

woman who’s been married five times

who’s a Samaritan you know not the most

godly of people and and married divorced

five times working on her others living

with a guy in sin an outcast and any

treats her with mercy and grace and

dignity mm-hmm you know that’s the way

we’ve got to we’ve got to treat each

other you know what I really did I

thought that that was on I just thought

it was really a beautiful story you know

and the fact that she was

you know like like we said before every

creation has that innate desire to know

the Creator right and you know as a

Samaritan she probably never heard of


she probably you know I mean or practice

worship or her sought but she knew she

heard that the Messiah was coming that

Christ was coming and like she said she

was honest I don’t know when he gets

here he’s gonna explain it to us God

plants that seed in every yeah every

living person right you know and that

desire to know God you know you talk

about that as a child you know you

didn’t grow up in a godly household

right or where God was introduced but

you need it was something he knew that

there was a God there no I know and so

like that desire to seek is is in all of

us you know you don’t have the knowledge

given to you you know so some of that

some of the main points that we you know

that we want to really stress is that

although it would be so easy to kick

them when they’re down and listen we’ve

been divorced you know I can guarantee

you that everybody knows either you’ve

been divorced or you know somebody

divorced or you know someone heading

towards divorce and you know what it is

it is so easy to kick him when they’re

down oh I told you that one that’ll work

out I knew that were no good you know

man come on look what Jesus does when

he’s can when he’s talking to a woman

with five divorces working on number six

he had compassion because he knew she

was struggling with all those failed

marriages that’s a lot of pain let’s say

you know and and one of the big things

that we seek is freedom from our past

from our past pain so it would have been

so easy for him to waggle his finger at

her and and say be go on but he didn’t

show compassion and you know that’s

that’s through this ministry is that

what we’ve learned and what we what we

share is compassion for people

struggling in a failed marriage now the

best way to to fix that fail marriage

mmm-hmm is God is Christ so the other

point the other point we’re going to

make about maritime marriage was created

by God

now it’s a holy union it’s a spiritual

union and I mean it’s one of the first

things that he did you know created Adam

and then from Adam he created Eve you

know and then they shall become one

marriage is so important to God it’s one

of the most important things no and you

know we’ve talked about it before and

really you were you were talking a lot

about it last year we’re doing a lot of

praying about it is you know it is

marriage is a it’s a it’s a spiritual

institution and then you know when you

start to understand that and we’ll talk

about this in another episode the

difference between a covenant and a

contract you know and just to touch on

it but we will cover it more but you

know and you helped me to see that was

that you know covenant is it’s holy it’s

eternal it’s non-breakable and a

covenant involves husband the wife and

God and it’s unbreakable

right and the contract is what we’ve

through society we’ve created it is a

civil contract you know and the

differences are huge but some of the

most important is civil contracts they

can be amended they can be renegotiated

they can be terminated there’s loopholes

you know a big thing in a contract you

enter into a contract with your best

interests in mind right a covenant is

you know it’s not a 50/50 it’s a hundred

hundred you’re both giving everything

you got to make it happen

so those are those are some of the

differences and we do we won’t we will

cover that another episode and then of

course the most important thing about

marriage is your personal relationship

with God I mean you know what we can

read scripture or we can we can you know

do exercises and we can have date night

until where until we’re blue in the face

that’s not gonna save your marriage it

is your personal relationship with God

not your spouse’s that comes second your

relationship not your kids that comes

third it is your personal relationship

with God and you’ve got to pursue him

you’ve got to seek Him you got to cry

out to him and you know like Leah said

you know a praying woman can change the

behavior of her husband and I don’t know

if it’s gonna get him to take the car

which out but but it has an effect it

has a supernatural spiritual effect and

look I’ll tell you you know you know I’m

over 50 years old and you think what set

my ways I’ve been divorced you know

listen I don’t know I don’t need you

know I don’t want to go through this

stuff again I’m set in my ways I’ve been

single a long time you don’t just change

that you don’t just wake up and say wha

well almost I’m gonna change you know

it’s a supernatural absolutely real

change and look we do we pray a lot

about that the gifts the fruits of the

spirit you know and like like for me

like like like I want to say I’m not a

kind person but like gentleness you know

I am NOT a gentle person right I mean

I’m a little bit of a barbarian I’m just

gonna be I’m gonna be honest and I do I

pray I do not pray for the fruits of the

spirit and really general you know

gentleness is one of is one of the

things that I pray about you know and

then I do so it is it takes a

supernatural effort and and how do you

how do you jump-start the supernatural

process yeah yeah I mean your spouse

should see you should see Christ in each

other you know and good times a good one

you know that’s you know that’s one of

the things and and so like your personal

relationship with Christ and then coming

together and having a relationship

because because it’s not just husband

and wife it’s husband and wife and God


you know I mean there’s three in that

marriage and and so you know you’ve got

to have that personal relationship and

you have a relationship that the two of

you have with my life and you know that

and that means praying together and you

know reading the word and really digging

in and all those things you know so

really important to have that so we are

so happy that you joined us for this for

this episode we want to see you the next

and we just a couple little housekeeping

items is like I said we would love to

see you at the

except a–so we’re going to put a like

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each episode is going to be posted on

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that so we will see you at the next

episode oh the other thing is it’s so

important that you that you do like and

you comment and you share and like we

said earlier either you’ve been divorced

you know someone who’s been divorced or

you know someone going through a divorce

you sharing this sometimes it’s hard to

talk to people like you don’t know what

to say right it’s personal you don’t

want to get in their business a second

share from a video could make all the

difference in the world and then they’ll

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home could make one family stick

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that kids are gonna have a whole

household I know they’re gonna both

parents yeah

and it’s an eternal investment okay look

we do we understand about not want to

get in people’s business that’s the

hardest part of this ministry is is

getting getting down into the weeds with

with folks and but that’s that’s where

that’s where our passion is also you

know with with your with your church you

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should have had it listed his number of

number one we got out of number four

please please please pray over this

series pray over us that we continue to

deliver the series that God is you know

continues to work through us but we

really do it is so important that we

have your prayers and like Leah said if

your prayers our prayers our combined

effort if we can save one marriage can

you imagine just just to be able to to

know one child just one child that their

mom and dad and they are going to stay

together as a family unit in a Bible

based God centered relationship man

that’s powerful

that is crazy powerful please we ask you

to pray over this series and a Corral

for us and then the last thing on our

heart to do is that if you check out our

website at marriage matters dot me

you’ll have access to marriage on the

rock and some other free resources there

you know we provide free there so we

would encourage you to check them all

out along with the prayer requests yeah

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and again I’m on our website you can go

there marriage matters dot me and

there’s a prayer request tab totally

confidential and or you can put your

prayer requests in in these comments and

we’ll address those as well

so we have covered a lot in this first

episode and it’s just getting started

all right I’m telling you God’s gonna do

an amazing work I’m excited only if you

plug in you share you invite what you

gotta pray we are asking you to pray for

us for this series and for those people

that is going to touch there’s a couple

out there right now there’s a wife right

now who is losing her husband her kids

in the other room because she can’t bear

to go in there and and tell him where

daddy is there’s a couple right now that

a wife that if she sees this series this

video this episode will give her the

answers that she’s looking for and just

the encouragement to see Christ to seek

God to save her her personal

relationship with with God and then to

pray through for the restoration of her

family right you know how powerful that

is that we all as a community front we

have that authority that God’s invested

in us through prayer through

participation they’re sharing this

series we have the ability to affect

just one family think on an exponential

scale that’s how amazing that is so it’s

a partnership this is a total partnership between us and you and it starts with prayer so we’ll see you next

episode no very cool I’ll be here so we thank

you god bless you and we’ll see you next time