Marital Purity Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 Challenge for #MaritalPurityWeek.

Join us every day this week for Marital Purity Challenges. It’s a great time to focus on your spouse and be intentional. We’re looking forward to spending the week with you!

Challenge #4: Quality Time Challenge

Challenge #4: Quality Time Challenge Questions:

Question 1: Since you’ve been married, has the reality of marriage met or missed what you thought it would be? Explain why.

Question 2: If you could rewrite your wedding vows, what would they say. Write them and read to each other.

Question 3: What’s been the most challenging season of your marriage? Would you do things different?

Question 4: What’s been the most rewarding season of your marriage? Explain what role your spouse played.

Question 5: Name 5 goals you want to accomplish with your spouse. Compare each list and decide what you both can do immediately.

Please share this challenge with couples you care about.