Y’all Come By, Ya Hear?

We’re Moving…Kinda

Hi Everyone,

This has been our home at WordPress since we began our ministry at Faithful Marriage Blended Family. It has grown faster than we could’ve ever imagined thanks to God’s hand in each post we and our amazing authors have prepared. It came to the point where we were stuffing 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack, so the move was good.

Where Y’all Heading?

Thanks to technology and a pretty smart IT support, we’re still at the URL- Faithful.Live  (https://www.faithful.live). You’ll notice how much easier the site is to navigate, and the robust addition of resources. We even have a Members Only forum where registered friends are free to ask and discuss anything in a secure environment.

What About Here?

Again, thanks to technology and that same savvy IT support, we archived all of your favorite articles from the beginning at this platform at the URL – https://blog.faithful.live

You can access the articles here, but there will be no new ones posted at this site. All of these articles are being migrated to the new site at Faithful.Live.

To let you in on a secret, as we move each article from here to there, they will be deleted from this site to avoid confusion. We’d hate for you to post or ask a question and it go unanswered at this site, so it’s best to shut it down one transfered over.

What About Us?

It’s still the same authors and community you’ve come to trust. Just sign up to follow the site and you’ll receive emails and notifications each time an article is released.

And There’s More…

The new site allows us to grow as God has led. We’ll be sponsoring private, online workshops on topics from remarriage, blending families, manhood and more. Plus, there is a cool store where our upcoming books and resource are listed at special offers.

But The Blog Posts…

If you’re looking for the latest and these classic posts, 1-click over to https://www.faithful.live/blog where you’ll see familiar faces. Signup right there so you’ll never miss an article or email.

We do thank you and are so appreciative for you becoming part of our family.

See you over there,

Scott & Lean


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