FIT@50 / Week 88 – The Lost Weeks

I was going back through my posts and realized the last FIT@50 was on October 7, 2016. Prior to that, I’d journalled consecutively for 82 weeks. I wish that had been 82 steady weeks of diet and exercise, but alas, it was good for my soul.

I started the FIT@50 prior to turning 50 years old in March, 2015. The original intent was to set goals and publicly “shame” myself into getting back in physical shape.

Prior to 2011 at the first time taking the oath of office as a chief of police AND my last year in the PhD program of my doctoral studies, I weighed in at a super ripped 180lbs with the ability to swim, bike and run for hours on end. By the end of that first year I’d packed on 45 lbs, and another 25 by the time I retired in 2015.

Turning 50 would be my physical victory lap. I wanted to ramp up to a superhuman endurance feat to celebrate the big 5-0. It didn’t materialize.

During the course of approaching 50 my priorities shifted from getting physically fit to becoming humanly fit. Life was changing, and I felt the difference in the desires of my heart. Unintentionally, my weekly journal moved from push-ups and miles biked to about faith, fatherhood and family.

After the half-century milestone, I continued reflecting my thoughts about the last many years and the people, experiences and prayers that filled those days. Writing your thoughts really helps channel focus and helps you articulate experiences.

September saw my dad pass away. I didn’t avoid the grieving process, but also didn’t hang around waiting for it to overwhelm me. My faith comforted me, and was the foundation Leah and I leaned upon.

I think it was the weeks following his funeral that began to press upon me when I watched the fallout of more than losing my last parent. Once again it was faith, Leah and our family that helped to sight in what is really important in this life.

I’d skipped week 83, and felt a little bad about it. The next week I understood that I’d begun journalling because I enjoyed memorializing and sharing my thoughts. It wasn’t about giving advice or taking a position on anything – it was just my perspective on this life.

After week 87 passed and I hadn’t noticed it, I figured it had been a good run, but obviously it was time to focus my energies elsewhere. This week while travelling, we had a family non-emergency, but it was best handled with in-person TLC.

A quick detour from our travel showed me just how fortunate I am. Yes, I lost my dad, but I’m blessed to be surrounded with a wife and kids who depend on family to get through everything heart to head aches.

I think it was this mini non-emergency that got my groove back.

Do Good,



About Dr. Scott Silverii

Christ follower, husband, dad, author and retired chief of police discovering the amazing side of a servant's life.

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