How Should A Christian View Marriage and Divorce

America’s divorce statistics are staggeringly unencouraging. It’s no surprise over half of every couple married will divorce.

Did you know second marriages fail 63% of the time, while three times isn’t a charm as illustrated by the 74% divorce rate.

But that’s for those non-church going, unbelievers, right?
No. Over 40% of regular churchgoers are on their second marriages.

Amy Desai, J.D.’s article, How Should a Christian View Marriage and Divorce talks about the Christian perspective.

1 Response

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim

    I think we should see marriage as a inter-dwelling of two beings and a becoming one like our god is one.

    Plus we are blessed to participate in the divine commission of creating life, not just creating life but allowing that oneness that we become in marriage to than take on a life of it’s own and reflect a greatness than either of us apart.

    Pretty special stuff 🙂


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