We’re huge fans of Dave Willis – This is but one of many amazing articles he shares. Give him a look.

John and Jan (real people but not their real names) are some friends of ours who started out as a happy couple, but over the years they fell into a rut.

Their laughter started fading and their words to one another went from kind and compassionate to harsh and critical. Most their conversations turned into arguments. They talked badly about each other when the other wasn’t around. They’d even vent online about each other’s shortcomings.

 John and Jan were in a cycle of negativity that’s hard to break. They weren’t sure how they got into it and there weren’t sure if there was a way out. Their frustration and exhaustion with each other seemed overwhelming, but they decided that they didn’t want to keep living that way.
They knew their only two options were divorce or making massive changes in their marriage. They thankfully opted for the latter and over a period of time, by applying the principles below, they’ve managed to reimagine their relationship and create the marriage they both wanted and needed.
Read the Full Article Here

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