FIT@50 / week 78

911FIT@50 / week 78

I Just Can’t:

Years ago, mainstream media decided to ban the showing of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center’s Towers. They said it made people angry.

During that time, I was very angry that entertainment company executives decided they’d control America’s collective emotion by refusing to air one of the singularly most influential actions to affect our nation.

I thought we should be angry, and stay angry so this never, ever happened again. We have a national attention deficit disorder when it comes to force-fed streams of horrific events. We get angry, and then get back to being about our own lives.

Worse of all, we get desensitized.

Over these past 15 years since September 11, 2001, my heart has changed about responses to crisis. While I disagree with mainstream media censoring events, as they continue to regurgitate their own versions of repulsive reproductions, I’ve matured to a point where I no longer feel we as a collective body should remain angry.

“Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret -it leads only to evil.”

~ Psalms 37:8

But, we should never forget.

I sat for about an hour searching for an appropriate 9/11 Memorial video to add to this segment. The more I searched, the more burdened my heart became.

The memories of that morning watching events from my dad’s living room while we spoke about the upcoming NFL season became very real again.

The emotions of our SWAT unit being immediately deployed to one of the top 5 critical infrastructure sites in America because no one knew exactly what else was going to happen, became intimately present once again.

What’s missing

What wasn’t there was the expected feeling of anger. Over the years it has been replaced with remembrance, and sorrow and hope.

I’ve learned while becoming FIT@50 that being angry doesn’t change anything. Never forgetting the tragedy, having true empathy and compassion for the victims, and hope for restoration and prevention are much more conducive to living a balanced and humane life.

While there were tons of video tributes put to every genre of music, narration and special effects, what I couldn’t do to you, who trust me, was to subject you to the abhorrent images that once only made us angry.

I’ll do it this way instead.

I’d rather remember and honor the victims, the first responders and the nation who clung together to support each other as a union of one people without consideration of gender, race, ethnicity or any of the other wonderful variances that make us uniquely different and seamlessly the same.

So no video this week – I Just Can’t.

Do Good,


Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D.


About Dr. Scott Silverii

Christ follower, husband, dad, author and retired chief of police discovering the amazing side of a servant's life.

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