A Faithful.Live Week In Review

Dear Faithful,

We pray God blessed you this week. We’d be delighted to know Faithful.Live played even the smallest of roles in that blessing. We want to remind you to please connect with us for updates, prayers and information by clicking HERE. You’ll also receive a Free Gift just for connecting – There’s no obligation

There were more inspirational articles from Team Faithful this week. They’re listed with links just below.


They’ve committed, along with our other faithful contributors, to sharing God’s miracle of an assurance that there is renewed life after the loss of divorce or unexpectedly alone.

We’re building a community of support for believers who did, who are, or who will be fighting to prevent divorce from destroying their marriage. We want to encourage you to draw close to Christ.

We’ve been there, and just like you, experienced the swing of emotions. We’ve also learned the vital lesson of clinging to The Rock in the midst  of life’s storm. It was through our surrendering to Him that we each recovered from the pain of loss, and were blessed to find new love.

In case you missed it, here are the links to three wonderful articles:

Hallee Bridgeman – Children and Divorce

Faithful’s Favorite Praise Video – Third Day

Chermaine Stein – Who Woulda Thunk It

Chief Scott Silverii – Prayers For Men Series

We also added a Community Question and a Confidential Form for Prayer Requests

God Bless You,

Team Faithful

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A Faithful.Live Week In Review

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