A God of Second Chances


A God of Second Chances

Leah and I came from similar backgrounds of blue-collar families with parents married until cancer took her dad, and my mom way too soon in their lives. The examples we both grew up with were that your folks didn’t divorce – Ever!

Yet, we found ourselves divorced. Although our individual circumstances were very different, the pain of failure, guilt and loss were intense. We’ve prayed and sought for guidance in understanding why.

It’s along this journey that we’ve met so many others in similar situations. One of the common elements we’ve discovered is that no matter how long ago the divorce occurred, the pain is always just below the surface.

Do I Deserve A Second Chance?

What we’ve also discovered and have rejoiced in is our God is a mighty and forgiving God. Old Testament scripture regarding marriage and divorce had us cringing at the stark reality of the period.

God forgives sin and restores His children. That includes blessing the opportunity for believers to reclaim their hearts, heal their wounds and discover new love that leads to making your next marriage your last.

Why Us?

We’ve been called to this outreach. There are way too many people reeling from the sting of relational failure and seeking answers in a world that often holds no compassion for the divorced. We totally relate!

Faithful.Live is what God placed on our hearts. It’s a joy to see Him making the creation possible. God has also led other believers to help us. They will share the yoke with diverse experiences of marriage, divorce, recovery, and enjoying the blessings of holy matrimony.

Who Is Called?

If you’ve experienced the pain, suffering, guilt, depression, despair and the many other emotional injuries caused by divorce, Faithful.Live is here for you.

If you’ve found yourself blessed in a celebrated second or subsequent marriage based on sound biblical principles, Faithful.Live is here for you.

If you face the challenges of blending lives, families, children, careers, finances, goals, dreams or even the house chores, Faithful.Live is here for you.

How To Get Involved?

This is an outreach placed upon our hearts. It’s open to growth and participation. Everyone’s experiences are important for learning from, so getting involved is as simple as following this Website or Facebook,  to contributing articles in areas of expertise, ministry or interests.

The best way to get involved at the early stages of this outreach is by boldly sharing the mission. We all know friends and families who’ve experienced divorce as either a spouse, child, family or friend. Let them know this is a no-holds barred outreach for believers who desire an earnest “restart” to live through Jesus Christ.

What Is The Faithful.Live Vision?

Faithful: New Beginnings, uses a Biblical approach to starting over in a new relationship—dealing with issues such as guilt and forgiveness, independence, blending families, finances, and strengthening your relationship with Christ to make your next marriage your last.

A Thanks To You

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Also, please Like Faithful.Live on Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll have immediate information and get to engage in real-time.

God is a God of merciful second chances and it is only thanks to Him that Leah and I miraculously met. More about that in another article, but for now, welcome!


Leah & Scott



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