God’s Hand Upon Blue Families


God’s Hand Upon Blue Families

Dear Lord – you know our hearts are with the men and women of America’s law enforcement services. I have spent over 25 years in public service before You most graciously allowed me to retire. Leah has been a faithful LEO wife, and also carries the burden for friends still on the job.

Lord, please wrap Your arms around those behind the badge. The officers as well as their spouses, children and families. It has become so stressful to watch these brave guardians leave home to go to work and carry the additional concerns not for themselves, but for the citizens, their partners and their families.

Family life is tough enough for officers. The divorce rate is almost 60% higher than the national average, as is the suicide and alcohol and substance abuse. Lord, the hours, the danger, and the environmental conditions in the office and out on the streets make for an almost unbearable circumstance.

The added worry of ambushes, sabotage and targeted attacks are causing such strain on the individuals, couples and their families that it’s a miracle they are able to function in the capacity as peace keepers.

Lord, take away their burdens and fears and depression and confliction as to whether they should stay or go. Grace them with a spirit of peace and blessed reassurance that You got their 6.



This is a favorite of many policeman’s prayers:

A Police Officer’s Prayer

Oh Lord, while I’m on my beat

May I know that you’re with me,

And protect me as I go to guard

Other’s lives and property.

Help me ignore those who scorn

And show me no respect,

But be mindful of all citizens

I’ve sworn to protect.

Be with my fellow officers

And guard their safety too.

May I always put duty first

In the work that I must do.

May I not disgrace the uniform

But bring pride to the badge I wear.

That I’d be a good policeman, Lord

Would be my only prayer.


Prayer Requests:

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