Faithful: New Beginnings Begins

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Dear Friends,

Updated statistics show that fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce. And the chances of divorce raise as high as sixty-seven and seventy-four percent, respectively, for second and third marriages.

In this web outreach, Faithful: New Beginnings we use a Biblical approach to starting over in a new relationship—dealing with issues such as guilt and forgiveness, independence, blending families, finances, and strengthening your relationship with Christ to make help you claim the blessings of a new beginning.

With a PhD in cultural anthropology, I’ve found research substantiates real life as I’ve observed the fragility of marriage. My wife, New York Times bestselling author Liliana Hart, and I will use our personal experiences—failures and triumphs—as well as Biblical principles, to encourage and provide helpful resources to show that God does bless second marriages.

I, as a retired Chief of Police, and my wife, as a bestselling author, are both used to living in the public eye because of our respective careers. We realized quickly when we were dating that thousands of people were watching a real life romance novel come to life, and our story was played out in the public eye, as well as our marriage and the blending of our families.

Our prayer is that you will feel comfortable interacting with us as we discuss topics concerning divorce, recovering, renewed lives and second chances. We’re just like you and trust you’ll be able to relate to the advice and personal anecdotes in this site. We appreciate your time, and your trust for joining us in this outreach. We look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Silverii, PhD and Leah Silverii

Faithful: New Beginnings Begins


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